Our Facility

We are open year round for lessons, trail rides and day camps.

During the Winter months we offer sleigh rides. In the Summer months we offer wagon rides. Boarding is available to approved customers.

Have a look around our web site and feel free to drop in for a visit during our regular working hours. However, please respect that Sunday is our family day.

Stillbrook Riding Stables offers:

  • a newly renovated 10 stall bank barn
  • a brand new 13 stall barn, complete with separate wash stall
  • 60 x 120 indoor riding arena
  • 3 outdoor sand rings and a heated tack room
  • fully stocked craft room to provide a wonderful learning environment from which to run our day camps
  • a well lit indoor riding arena with excellent ventilation and good footing
  • 200 acres of trails that take you through fields, woodlots, streams and to one of the highest elevations in Otonabee offering breathtaking views of Rice Lake.
  • a recently framed in large portion of the top of our barn, to be used as an additional tack and education room
Stillbrook Riding Stables newest outdoor sand ring

One of 3 Outdoor Sand Rings

Stillbrook Riding Stables newly renovated stalls

Newly renovated 10 stall bank barn

Meet Jeannine

Jeannine and her family own and operate Stillbrook Riding Stables just east of Keene, Ontario. This fun loving bunch are a wonderful family who just love Horsin' Around!

The Stillman Family at Stillbrook Riding Stables

from left to right: Jayson, Jennifer, Jeannine, Jeremy, and Fred in front

Jeannine is the heart of Stillbrook Riding Stables, and her love of horses can capture the dreams of your child; and help them soar.

Jeannine Stillman of Stillbrook Riding Stables Here's her story...
When I was two years old, my Mom and Dad purchased a farm in Otonabee Township. I moved there along with my three sisters and three brothers and my love of animals and the great outdoors began.  My father enjoyed animals so it wasn't long until we had pigs, cows, chickens and a pony named Ringo.

Ringo was your "typical" pony, and we were your "typical" first time pony owners. It wasn't long until Dad acquired an older horse named "Rufus". Rufus was the wonder horse! I often wondered if there was anything this great animal couldn't do.

I grew up riding Rufus, driving while he pulled the sleigh, and pulling me while I was on the toboggan. Rufus was one of the oldest horses in Otonabee and the whole time we owned, him he never did anything wrong. He was a certainly a gift from God and was cherished until the end.

At the age of 12, I began saving my baby sitting money until I had enough to buy a little weanling Appaloosa filly. I named her Shasta and throughout the next 30 years I learned much about training, riding and discipline from this spunky, athletic mare.

Shasta and I competed in many Competitive Trail Rides and showed at fairs and local shows throughout our area. As a child, I had no formal lessons but I read everything I could get my hands on and gained my experience the practical way. If I fell off, I figured out what I did wrong, if I got the results I wanted, I repeated what I was doing.

"At Stillbrook Riding Stables
Dreams Come True"

In 1980 I was accepted into the Equine Studies program at Humber College. It was amazing to have things that I had worked so hard to accomplish, explained so easily. I was constantly thinking "So that's why that worked for me."

In the back of my mind, I wanted to share with others what I had worked so hard to learn. When I graduated, my highest mark was in Instructional Theory; and after completing the Practice Teaching course, I knew someday I wanted to teach. My wish came true sooner than I expected. I was hired by Humber College to be the Assistant Instructor of the Continuous Learning night courses.

After graduating, I worked on an Arabian horse farm and shortly after, married the man of my dreams.

Jeannine and Fred Stillman of Stillbrook Riding Stables

We bought the farm that we live on now and started to raise our family. I stayed home to raise our kids but always kept up with my interest in horses. Once our three children got a little older, I decided it was time to fulfill my dream of teaching students who wished to learn how to ride.

In 1997 instead of just having horses just as a hobby we expanded our facility and began to board and train horses. Soon after I began giving riding lessons full time.

One of our favourite sayings is: "at Stillbrook Riding Stables dreams come true". I know that in my heart they difinitely have, and still continue to come true.

I would like to share that dream with your child and be given the opportunity to make your child's dream come true too.

Jeannine and members of the Stillbrook Riding Stables team

For more information, please call us at: 705-295-4538

Trail Ride Brochure

Enjoy a 1-hour trail ride for ages 6 and up.

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Stillbrook Riding Stables offers year round trail rides

Trail Rides Available
All Year Round


*price includes 13% hst, and is subject to change without notice

Stillbrook Riding Stables offers year round trail rides

At Stillbrook Riding Stables, our motto is
"The Outside of a horse is the BEST thing for the Inside of a Child"